Oral health impact on competitive sport practice. Literature review

Oral health impact on competitive sport practice. Literature review

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Giovanni Flores


The high standards of performance required by a professional athlete can only be achieved by a totally healthy individual, so that oral health becomes very important. The aim of this article is to describe the relationship between oral health and sports performance and the role that sports dentistry plays in improving it. Food changes, characterized by high carbohydrate consumption, qualitative and quantitative variations of saliva, as well as the need to improve oral hygiene are all aspects to be considered by professional and amateur athletes. Sports Dentistry is the specialty responsible for the study, revision, control, prevention and treatment of orofacial injuries with their manifestations and related diseases, for maintenance of oral health in the athlete, as well as, the dissemination and information of new knowledge related to oral health and sport, applied in the world of sports competition, both amateur and professional, as the study of non-dental injuries that occur during a dentofacial trauma. In the case of professional teams it is recommended that the oral examination be performed before the beginning of the season, as well as periodic monitoring by the dentist which is important to prevent, the appearance of decay, periodontal disease, trauma and other dental pathologies that may interfere with the health and performance of professional athletes.


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