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Objective: To publish original research papers within the medical and surgical sciences, on all basic scientific aspects of structure, chemistry, developmental biology, physiology and pathology of relevant tissues, microbiology, biomaterials, and behavioral sciences. In general, analytical studies are preferred to descriptive ones.

Vision: IJMSS seeks to be a space for academic discussion and multidisciplinary dialogue in the area of biomedical, medical and surgical sciences in all its aspects, which contributes to scientific communication between research peers and academics in the area.

Aimed to professionals and academics in the field of medical and surgical sciences, health administration, and related specialties.

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issn: 0719-532X

Vol. 10 No. 4 (2023): December, 2023

Published: 2023-12-24

Resilience and quality of life in a group of older adults displaced by violence in Colombia

Cindy Paola Parra - Santacruz, Gemelly Sánchez - Valencia, Tomás-León, Heidi Martínez -Sánchez, María Cristina Palacio-Valencia, Erika Natalia Muñoz-Ávarez, Juan Santiago Serna-Trejos


Predictive factors of death in patients with spontaneous subarachnoid hemorrhage

Mercedes Corona Fonseca, Ada Sánchez Lozano, Ernesto Castro López , Luis Alberto Corona Martínez


Acute Appendicitis situs inversus totalis, Case Report

Jesús Nicolás Larco Coloma, Galo Enrique Jiménez Sánchez, Nicolás Larco Noboa, Gabriel Molina Proaño, Karen Daniela Núñez Medina, Kevin Alexander Díaz Zumba, Giovanny Israel Silva Patiño


¿Why did extubation fail in my patient with spinal cord trauma?: Considerations to keep in mind

Juan Santiago Serna - Trejos, Stefanya Geraldine Bermúdez – Moyano, Diego Gerardo Prado - Molina, Lina María Salazar- Rodríguez, Carlos Julián Devia - Santacruz


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