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issn: 0719-532X

Vol. 8 No. 3 (2021): September 2021


Published: 2021-05-02

Title: Variables associated with severity in COVID-19 patients.

Carlos E. Herrera Cartaya , Julio Betancourt Cervantes, Agustín Lage Dávila , Eligio E. Barreto Fiu , Lizet Sánchez Valdés , Elibet Chávez González , Armando Caballero López


Frailty as a risk factor for dementia in older adults

Yanet Pérez Mesa , Juan J. Llibre Rodríguez, Teresa Fonte Sevillano, Elaine Hernández Ulloa , Alvaro G. González Santisteban


Biological bases of cancer: a proposal of minimum contents for health schools

Juvenal Rios Leal, Valentina Zavala, Francisco Garrido, Juan Zolezzi, María Francisca Barake, Tomás Labbé, Dunja Roje, Benjamín García-Bloj


Solving the impossible. Penetrating cardiac injuries, a case series of diagnostic workup and management

Hector Vergara-Miranda, Luis Adrian Alvarez-Lozada, Josefina Belem Leyva-Alamillo, Raúl Omar Martínez-Zarazua, Lourdes Paola Chapa-Montalvo; Luis Rodrigo Gómez-Alvarez


Surgical management of ossifying fibroma in the maxilla and its challenges associated with an immediate reconstructive approach with autogenous graft, an unusual case report

Caio Fossalussa da Silva, Cristóvão Marcondes de Castro Rodrigues, Daniela Meneses-Santos, Izabella Sol, Vinícius Lima de Almeida, Jonas Dantas Batista, Cláudia Jordão Silva


Miliary tuberculosis, a clinical-radiological finding. About a case.

Donel González-Díaz, Alfredo  Herrera-González , Jorge Ortiz-Roque , Miguel Ángel del Toro-Pazos


Traumatic Recurrent Hip Dislocation Associated With Femoral Head Fracture Reconstructed With Iliac Crest Autograft

Israel Rubio-Saez, Luis Rodrigo Merino-Rueda, Javier Pallares-Sanmartin, Diego De Godos-Martinez, Aitor Ibarzabal-Gil, Juan Carlos Rubio-Suarez
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