Differentiated thyroid cancer clinical trends in Quito, Ecuador

Differentiated thyroid cancer clinical trends in Quito, Ecuador

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Luis Pacheco-Ojeda https://orcid.org/0000-0002-8192-5793
Ana Martínez-Jaramillo
Hugo Romo-Castillo
Mario Montalvo-Burbano


Introduction.  Thyroid cancer is currently the first most common cancer in women in Ecuador. This study aimed to assess the changes in clinical presentation and diagnosis of differentiated thyroid cancer at a third level hospital in Quito, Ecuador.

Methods and Materials.  The study was a retrospective case series performed in three consecutive periods from 1990 to 2019 at a tertiary level hospital, Quito Ecuador, where the clinical records of 875 patients who had been diagnosed and surgically treated for differentiated thyroid cancer were retrospectively reviewed. Demographic, clinical, imaging, and pathological data were collected and analyzed.

Results. Significant trends toward older age, higher educational level, less palpable primary tumors, less palpable neck nodes, less DM, more ultrasound, CT and cytology exams, smaller primary tumors, more stage I patients, and more histological variant description, were found.

Conclusion. The thyroid cancer incidence in Ecuador has not only steadily increased but also the clinical presentation, diagnostic and therapeutic approaches have significantly changed over the last three decades.



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