Multiple Unerupted Impacted Supernumerary Teeth: A Rare Case Report of Father and Son

Multiple Unerupted Impacted Supernumerary Teeth: A Rare Case Report of Father and Son

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Ajit Joshi
Manu Goel
Nitin Fating
Pawan Dawane


Multiple impacted supernumerary teeth without any associated systemic conditions or syndromes are rare. The prevalence rate of supernumerary teeth in the permanent dentition is between 0.1– 6.9 % as compared to 0.3–0.6% in theprimary dentition. In this article, reporting a rare family history of non-syndromic multiple impacted supernumerary teeth,found incidentally during routine radiographic examination. Though the etiologic factor of multiple impacted supernumerary teeth are still not clearly known especially in cases without any syndrome. However, thorough evaluation is necessary toexclude associated systemic conditions.


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