Surgical management of ossifying fibroma in the maxilla and its challenges associated with an immediate reconstructive approach with autogenous graft, an unusual case report

Surgical management of ossifying fibroma in the maxilla and its challenges associated with an immediate reconstructive approach with autogenous graft, an unusual case report

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Caio Fossalussa da Silva
Cristóvão Marcondes de Castro Rodrigues
Daniela Meneses-Santos
Izabella Sol
Vinícius Lima de Almeida
Jonas Dantas Batista
Cláudia Jordão Silva


Ossifying Fibroma is a gingival mass in which calcified foci are found. It is a nodular lesion that involves the inserted and interdental gum. There is a predilection for the female sex and for the anterior region of the maxilla. This work aims to report the surgical management of a peripheral ossifying fibroma in the maxilla and the immediate reconstructive with autogenous graft. Female patient, in the third decade of life, presenting ossifying fibroma in the region between maxillary incisors and premolars. She was treated surgically by means of marginal resection of the lesion under general anesthesia and immediate reconstruction with autologous iliac crest graft. Followed up for 12 months with no signs of recurrence.


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