Acute Hepatitis in a Pediatric Patient with COVID -19 : Case Report

Acute Hepatitis in a Pediatric Patient with COVID -19 : Case Report

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Alberto Gómez-Orozco
Luis Adrían Álvarez-Lozada
Marco Antonio Flores-Heredia


COVID-19 typically courses with mild clinical manifestations; however, a pediatric patient might get severe sequelae and complications when there is an infection. There is no information about liver complications due to COVID-19 in children in Mexico. This case report will set a precedent about timely diagnosis for hepatitis as a complication for COVID-19 disease in young patients in Mexico. Clinical case: A 12-years-old man has intermittent generalized abdominal pain misdiagnosed and treated for irritable bowel syndrome 3 days prior. The abdominal pain stayed, and a day after the patient vomited 3 times (each one after every meal). The patient started with orangish urine, weakness, fatigue and hyporexia 1 day prior to admission. The day of the admittance, a COVID-19 RT-PCR test was performed, giving a positive result. Once he was admitted, laboratory tests were made, showing an increase of liver                               enzyme levels, showing liver disease as a complication for the viral infection. Conclusion: Pediatrics patients might get Hepatitis due to COVID-19. In a patient with abdominal pain or other liver disease symptoms while coursing with the virus or even after the infection, further investigation must be made.


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