Fecopneumothorax Secondary to a Late Traumatic Diaphragmatic Injury

Fecopneumothorax Secondary to a Late Traumatic Diaphragmatic Injury

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Gustavo Dragustinovis-Hinojosa
Jorge Aurelio Gutiérrez González
Dario Eduardo Medina Muñoz
Gerardo Enrique Muñoz Maldonado


Traumatic diaphragmatic hernias were first described by Ambroise Paré in 1579, who reported the case of an artillery captain, that presented an intestinal perforation that had caused a diaphragmatic hernia 1. The timely diagnosis of a traumatic diaphragmatic hernia can be a challenge , which requires extensive knowledge of the kinematics of trauma, as well as clinical and radiological evidence 2. We present the case of a 60-year-old male who presented blunt abdominal trauma due to a traffic accident, causing an undetected diaphragmatic hernia in his initial evaluation; months after de incident goes to the emergency room (ER) with hemodynamic instability and septic shock. A diagnosis of complicated diaphragmatic hernia and fecopneumothorax is made, for which he undergoes surgery.


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