Ischemic stroke in relation to brain polymethylmethacrylate embolism after percutaneous kyphoplasty: a case report

Ischemic stroke in relation to brain polymethylmethacrylate embolism after percutaneous kyphoplasty: a case report

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Ana María Martin Fuentes
David López Salas
Ana Abarquero Diezhandino
Daniel Bustamante Recuenco
Francisco Javier Ortega García


Kyphoplasty is one of the minimally invasive interventions which provides pain relief in osteoporotic or malignancy related vertebral compression fractures. Severe complications associated with percutaneous kyphoplasty or vertebroplasty are rare, and usually related to cement leakage out of the vertebral body (Lamy et al., 2014). We report the case of an 83-year old female who suffered an ischemic stroke during the immediate post-operative period after a three-level percutaneous kyphoplasty (L2-L3-L4) due to a paradoxical embolism via an atrial septal heart defect.


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