Hemorrhagic Complications and Dental Management of Patients with Anticoagulant Therapy: Case Report.

Hemorrhagic Complications and Dental Management of Patients with Anticoagulant Therapy: Case Report.

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Claudio Bravo
Victor Rivas


Introduction: There are different protocols for the management of anticoagulated patients that can be used when performing oral surgical procedures. Objective: To report the previous evaluation and management of a hemorrhagic complication in the maxillofacial region in a patient undergoing oral anticoagulant therapy and the recommendations described in the literature for these patients. Clinical Case: Sixty-eight year old male patient, hospitalized in the cardiology unit due to heart failure, pending surgery for valve replacement. Treating physician requests evaluation for dental infection foci by a maxillofacial surgeon. Prior to medical examination and corresponding blood tests, four carious teeth are extracted, controlling hemostasis with local measures. During the night of the same day, the patient is referred again to the dental unit because of an alveolorrhagia, being treated and controlled with new local measures; new standard blood tests are performed. Forty-eight hours later the patient presents an increase of volume in the right mandibular region compatible with hematoma and ecchymosis. It is decided to perform treatment, removing sutures, collagen and draining through the alveolus. Subsequently, new local measures are performed and the anticoagulant is suspended for 24 hrs. Conclusion: There are different care protocols for patients undergoing anticoagulant treatment in the literature, so each patient should be studied in advance to define what is the best therapeutic procedure to prevent complications.


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