Faulty Traditional Practices in Infant Care

Faulty Traditional Practices in Infant Care

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Soumya Roy


Proper advice regarding home-based care of normal infants is no less important than managing critical diseases. Otherwise parents tend to follow traditional practices running in the family which are often deleterious. Clinicians must also be aware of the faulty traditional practices so that they can actively enquire them in the child’s history. The author enlisted various such faulty traditional practices as experienced by him during his OPD practice in various public and corporate hospitals over a period of five years. Topics relating mainly to the infant age group have been chosen for this article. Relevant search was done on these topics in standard paediatric textbooks, journals, and websites (like WHO, NICE, AAP) to find the validity of these practices as well as the standard recommendations on these topics. It was found that the standard recommendations often differ from the traditional practices. Detailed text was included from various authentic sources regarding few dubious topics related to home-based infant care. Clinicians should be aware of the correct recommended methods regarding the day to day homebased infant care. They should counsel the parents accordingly so as to avoid any harm caused by faulty traditional practices and social beliefs.



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