Profile of Scientific Production on Ankyloglossia

Profile of Scientific Production on Ankyloglossia

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Roberta Lopes de Castro Martinelli
Reinaldo Jordão Gusmão
María Paz Moya Daza
Irene Queiroz Marchesan
Giédre Berretin-Felix


This work aims to describe the profile of scientific production referring to ankyloglossia. For this an investigation was carried out by searching for scientific articles indexed in the electronic databases LILACS and PUBMED. For the bibliometric review, the data referring to the year of publication, type of study and level of evidence were examined and tabulated. The data were discussed on the quantitative and representative values optics. The first results allowed to analyzic 651 published studies were analyzed. Most of the research on tongue tie found correspond to descriptive studies and case series (49.31%), followed by case reports, in vitro research, in animals and literature review (24.27%), cohort and cases and controls (11.98%), specialist opinion (11.68%), randomized clinical trials (1.54%) and systematic reviews (1.22%). Few studies addressed complications during or after lingual frenulum release surgery. In conclusion Scientific production on ankyloglossia has shown an increasing increase in the last 28 years, with studies with evidence levels 1, 2 and 3 being published, whose main focus was the performance of surgery to release the lingual frenulum.


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