Dental anxiety in the municipal personnnel of Biblián, Ecuador, 2018.

Dental anxiety in the municipal personnnel of Biblián, Ecuador, 2018.

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Maritza Calle
Rodrigo Vallejo
Cristina Crespo
Cristina Domínguez


The aim of this study was to determine the degree of dental anxiety in the staff of the Municipality of Biblián, Ecuador. A cross-sectional study was carried out using the modified Corah dental anxiety scale in its Spanish version. A total of 159 employees, 72.3% men and 27.7% women, were included. The most prevalent level of dental anxiety was mild or none (37.1%), followed by moderate anxiety (35.6%), and severe anxiety or phobia (13.8%). The most prevalent degree of anxiety in men was mild or null (28.9%), and in women this was moderate at 8.8%. In relation to age, the group aged 31 to 50 years had the highest prevalence of severe dental anxiety or phobia (9.4%). The staff of the Municipality of Biblián presented a high prevalence of mild or no anxiety.


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