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Vol. 7 No. 4 (2020): December 2020 [In press]

Laser and photobiomodulation in Dentistry and Medicine

Laser and photobiomodulation in Dentistry and Medicine is a special edition for the dissemination of scientific knowledge and clinical developments in laser`s use and phototherapy-photobiomodulation in all medical specialties. The special issue publishes original articles, review articles, case presentations, "how-to" articles, letters to the editor, short communications, and relevant images with short descriptions. The artícles can be submitted in english or spanish.

All submitted material is subject to a strict peer review process.

Guess Editor:
Prof. Dr. Eduardo Fernández G. DDS,DS,PhD  
Profesor Titular
Universidad de Chile

Published: 2020-08-07

Breastfeeding and factors associated to feeding in babies with cleft palate

Matías González Jara, Felipe Inostroza-Allende, Scarlette Norambuena Norambuena, Javiera Cornejo Farías


Use of diode laser in soft tissue. Report of 3 cases.

Javier Basualdo Allende, Heh Yuan Yang, Nicole Molina PLacencia, María Isabel von Marttens Sepúlveda, Diego Muñoz Millas, Alfredo Von Marttens Castro


Laser uses in endodontic therapy. Literature Review

Paulina Ledezma, María José Bordagaray , Javier Basualdo , Cristian Bersezio


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