Assessment of Nephrotoxicity and Histopathological Lesions of Albino Rats Exposure to DD-Force and Baygon Insecticides.

Assessment of Nephrotoxicity and Histopathological Lesions of Albino Rats Exposure to DD-Force and Baygon Insecticides.

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Victor Nwankwo
Anayo Uraku
Ademola Famurewa
Oluchi Uraku


Although studies suggest adverse effects of pesticides, human exposure to insecticides in homes is increasing and reports on their health effects are limited. The study investigated nephrotoxic effects of organo phosphate and carbamate insecticides, DD-Force and Baygon, in albino rats. Forty-five albino rats divided into groups were exposed to DD-Force (dichlorvos) or Baygon (propoxur) indoor insecticidein wooden boxes in separate exposure duration of 1, 2, 3 and 4 hours/day for 14 consecutive days. Serum and kidney tissue obtained after sacrifice were used to determine markers of renal damage and histopathological analysis, respectively. Exposure of rats to the insecticides showed duration-dependent significant increases (p<0.05) in serum levels of urea, uric acid and creatinine compared to control. However, rats exposed to DD-Force insecticide induced significantly higher levels of urea, uric acid and creatinine compared to Baygon (p<0.05). Histopathological lesions were observed in rats exposed to the insecticides, particularly in the exposure duration of 3 or 4 hours/day. These findings suggest that acute exposure to DD-Force and Baygonis nephrotoxic and may induce renal damage in rats.


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