Solitary Polyp with Insertion into the Roof of the Nostril

Solitary Polyp with Insertion into the Roof of the Nostril

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Ashiria Reseda Acuña Ramírez
Raúl Tornaco
Carlos Mena Canata


Coanal polyp is the term used for a solitary, benign soft tissue mass extending into the junction of the nasal cavity and nasopharynx, i.e., the choana. Nasal coanal polyps typically present in three different forms: antrochoanal, sphenocoanal, and ethmoidocoanal polyps. Atypical sites of origin have been reported in the literature; these include the nasal septum and inferior turbinate. Physicians’ awareness of the existence of coanal polyps from unusual sites may help in the diagnosis of coanal polyps considering it crucial to previously rule out other potential diagnoses for these cases of atypical presentation. Here we report the case of an inflammatory polyp of insertion in the roof of the nostril in a 65-year-old patient diagnosed and treated in our department, which is the first case reported in the literature.


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